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"A fusion of fun awaits you. Let the 'toons and the rhymes elate you."

The Salty Splashes Collection

The Seed of Serendipity

Birth Of A Cartoon World


hat started out in 2011 as a simple children’s book about a dog soon took on a life of it’s own. Little did we know a handful of cute, precocious characters would turn into the Salty Splashes Collection numbered series, loved by kids and adults throughout the world.

What makes Salty Splashes so special?

  • Lyrical Rhyming Fiction
  • Full-Page Cartoon Illustrations
  • Descriptive Narrative
  • Humorous Dialogue
  • Fun Adventures
  • Rich Life Lessons
  • Wide Age Range

They’re books that grab the attention of young eyes and make them want to read.

Books children can grow with: perfect for story time with adults and independent reading for beginners and intermediates. Start your kids young. The time in their lives when books are most important are between preschool and early elementary grades.

Over 26,000 Facebook Likes, countless testimonials and reviews since their November 2013 release, give Salty Splashes cartoons a resounding approval. Many comment, “You’re bringing something back we haven’t seen in decades.”

Kids want more stories and they look forward to animated adaptations. Once you get to know the characters and read their profiles, we think you’ll agree these cartoons are begging to come to life.

Find out what everyone’s excited about. May we suggest the following:
  • Our Story: How it all started.
  • About The Team: The creative minds behind Salty Splashes.
  • Portfolio of Cartoon Bios: All the characters and their colorful biographies.
  • Individual Books Pages: Book Details, Story Synopsis, Look Inside, Author Comments, Purchase Links.
  • Digital World: Discover how Read To Me eBooks and Audiobooks can improve children’s literacy.
Our introductory trilogy is available everywhere in heirloom-quality, jacketed hardcovers that are beautiful and durable. Alternative formats include Read To Me eBooks, Regular eBooks and a Trilogy Audiobook.

Listen to our cartoons come to life with sample audiobook tracks. To get a taste of their animation potential, try our Read To Me eBooks and our Trilogy Audiobook, which really bring our cartoons to life with Cartoon Voice Overs, Sound Effects and Music.

So please stay tuned, help spread the news by sharing our page, and thank you for visiting.

~ The Salty Splashes Team

Meet The Salty Splashes Cast

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CHANNEL BLUE: A Summer Classic For Boys and Girls

We Create Original Content

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Channel Blue Is More Than Just A Surf Adventure

New Release | 04.30.14


Being Cool Means Doing The Right Thing

Channel Blue, Riders of the Storm

A classic story of summer; with tongue-twisting lines and illustrations that will knock your socks off. Rich with symbolism and life lessons showcasing the powers of sportsmanlike conduct, loyalty, and doing the right thing. For boys and girls of all ages.

Channel Blue Book Details

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The Award-Winning Trilogy of the Salty Splashes Collection

“…a book that parents and children will want to read over and over again..high-quality, eye-catching, colorful…with a cast of animal characters that children will enjoy…JZ Bingham’s rhyming text excels at using both prose and spoken words to define the characters’ personalities…durable hardcover with dust jacket and quality paper inside.” ~ Foreword Reviews

Mom's Choice Award Recipient

Entertaining ~ Educational ~ Original ~ Appealing ~ Value-Added


A Growing Series Of Classics


Children love cartoons. Children love a series. Salty Splashes has both.

“Salty Splashes books deliberately mix full-page illustrations with great stories so boys and girls, from preschool to third grade and beyond, are drawn into the important habit of reading. With this in mind, you may learn to appreciate the benefits of our books, even beyond their colorful cartoon art, and realize what makes them stand out from the rest is much deeper than what meets the eye.” ~ Randy Lee Morkved, President and Publisher, Balcony 7 Media and Publishing

What’s The Suitable Salty Splashes Age?

  • Pre-Schoolers: Perfect for story time. Spunky cartoon characters, full-size illustrations, and humorous adventures draw kids in. Adults appreciate the life lessons woven into the stories, which give rise to natural discussion topics during story time. Ramp up read-alouds through role-play; there are plenty of “acting” roles in each book.
  • Beginners & Intermediates: Reading tools. Each book introduces a wide variety of words within the literary style of rhyming fiction or metered rhyme, depending on the title. Full-page illustrations accompany every page turn, enhancing reading comprehension with visual storyboards. Get a child started by helping them read through a few times. The story, dialogue and rhyming words aid retention and propel independent reading.

“A book that can be introduced to preschoolers, and remain interesting as children grow to become independent readers, is a treasure.” ~ JZ Bingham, Salty Splashes Author and Literacy Advocate

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Turn Up The Volume! These Are CARTOONS!

Full Color - Sound Effects - Cartoon Voice Overs - Music - Word Light-Up


Digital Reading Tools | For Today's Kids

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Featured In Our Read To Me eBooks and Trilogy Audiobook

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Phonics and Word Recognition | With The Help of Cartoons

Preview samples of our premium ebooks, loaded with cartoon soundtracks and voice overs that make our characters and world come alive. You can also view the standard ebooks which offer full-color silent reading. All our digital products, including the trilogy audiobook, are available at:

  • iTunes iBooks (you will need the iBooks app to purchase and view.)
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Kids Read-To-Me

NOTE: Channel Blue eBooks are in development.

Let Kids READ Their Cartoons! Engage kids instantly with soundtracks that teach phonics, and word light-up that teaches word recognition. These are awfully smart cartoons!

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iBooks is now available on your Mac Desktop or Laptop and Our Enhanced Ebooks can be viewed on HDMI Widescreen Monitors!

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Digital World of Salty Splashes

Download our Trilogy of Adventure Audiobook from these fine online stores now.

THREE STORIES, ONE DOWNLOAD: The Salty Splashes Trilogy of Adventure is available in one MP3 download for  between $4.89 and $7.99, depending on the retailer.
All three titles play back-to-back for one hour of cartoon fun, wherever you and your device may go: Voice Overs, Sound Effects, and Music!
Did You Know? Kids love to listen to the audiobooks while reading the hardcovers! Not only is it fun, it also teaches phonics and word recognition.

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"Their passion is evident in what they create. The cartoons reflect their attitude, joy and commitment."

JZ Bingham


Jason Buhagiar


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